KMC X12 DLC 12-Speed Chain

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KMC X12 DLC 12-Speed Chain

  • The X12 DLC chain is compatible with all 12-speed road and MTB systems and is also non-directional in design
  • Extreme durability and smoothness of the links comes from a four-step coating process which includes a layer of Ti-CN
  • Using Titanium Carbon Nitride technology, it enhances resistance against wear and friction
  • Improving drivetrain efficiency which allows smoother shifting and chain interaction with all drivetrain parts

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KMC X12 DLC 12-Speed Chain

The KMC X12 DLC 12 speed chain is one of the strongest chain in 12-speed chain class that delivers on performance, durability & reliability for Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM drivetrain systems. Featuring the Triple-X Durability and Double-X Bridge technology.

Double X Bridge Shape for super-fast and smooth shifting. Outer and Inner plate chamfering deliver superior shifting & hollow inner plates helps to shed mud and muck. As quick to respond as you can change gears, double x bridge design never skips a beat. With an intelligent chamfer design that effortlessly eases into each tooth, your ride is sure to be easier, faster and more powerful.

With Diamond like coating, similar to the creation of diamonds in high temperatures, DLC attains sophisticated chain roller and pin hardness through a unique thermal treatment to create advance "diamond" durability for elevating friction resistance.

  • Extra stretch proof
  • Non-directional
  • Mud shedding design
  • Hollow Pin
  • Hollow Inner & outer plates
  • Outer & inner plate chamfering
  • Double X bridge shape for super fast and smooth shifting
  • Triple X durability
  • Diamond-like coating
  • 5.65mm pin length
  • ½” x 11/128” size
  • Compatible with 11-speed drivetrain
  • Packaging include KMC missing link