Jagwire Road Elite Link Brake Kit

  • Jagwire Elite Link Kits are the ultimate combination of durability and attention-grabbing looks
  • Bikes with continuous housing, disc brakes, and/or extra-large frames may need additional links 
  • Available in eye-catching colors, they're designed to improve any bike’s performance and appearance.

The housing uses a series of aluminum links to provide a compression-less system for precise shifting and powerful braking. But unlike other compression-less housing, its flexibility allows for tight bends without kinking. It’s also lighter than traditional housings while being more durable. Combine these benefits with Elite, ultra-slick polished cables and Slick-Lube liners, and you’ve got the best of performance and style.

What’s Important

  • Precise, compression-less performance combined with extreme flexibility
  • Each kit comes with links pre-installed on housing segments making setup quick and simple
  • 20% lighter than typical shift housing and 50% lighter than typical brake housing
  • Durable, ultra-slick polished inner cables minimize system friction
  • 2x Shift kits are designed for use with both front and rear derailleurs
  • Brake kits are designed specifically for cable systems for either road or mountain 
  • Bikes with continuous housing, mechanical disc brakes, and/or extra-large frames may need additional links 

QTY Description
1 400mm Link Segment on 2000mm Lubed Liner 
1 400mm Link Segment on 1300mm Lubed Liner 
1 240mm Link Segment on 710mm Lubed Liner 
1 1350mm Elite Ultra-Slick Polished Stainless Front Brake Inner Cable 
1 2350mm Elite Ultra-Slick Polished Stainless Rear Brake Inner Cable 
26 Extra Links 
2 CGX-SL Brake Housing Segment, 300mm 
2 Open Alloy End Caps
2 Adapter End Caps to 5mm Housing Stop 
2 Adapter End Caps to 5mm Brake Housing 
2 Color-Matched Cable Tips 
7 Mini Tube Tops 
3 Cable Donuts 
2 Rotating Hooks