Jagwire Elite Cooling Disc Brake Pads (SRAM)

  • Jagwire Elite Cooling pads utilize lightweight aluminum cooling fins integrated into the backing plate to dissipate heat from the brake system.
  • A graphene thermal transfer plate pulls heat away from the semi-metallic compound & rotor into the cooling fins, preventing brake fade and warped rotors
  • Designed to deliver long-lasting stopping power and modulation under a variety of conditions
  • Jagwire offers over 25 shapes to give riders the best combination of materials and compounds for their ride

Pads are available for a wide variety of the most popular disc brake systems from SRAM®, Avid®, Shimano®, Magura®

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Jagwire Elite Cooling Disc Brake Pads

  • Excessive heat is the enemy of a high-performance brake system
  • Not only can the pad compound glaze over and result in a sudden loss of braking power, extreme high temperatures can even cause hydraulic brake fluid to boil
  • Cooling disc brake pads are designed and built to pull heat away from the braking surface and into cooling fins above the brake, where it can be safely dissipated into the air
  • All pads are sold in pairs and include springs or clips when necessary

WHEN TO USE: For riders that push their bikes to the limit, Elite Cooling pads keep their brakes working their best, even on the biggest descents.