Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed TLR Para Sidewall


Accelerate to victory. Dominate your next time trial or triathlon

Designed specifically for time trial and triathlon, Corsa PRO Speed promises to revolutionize the racing experience of pro riders and performance-oriented amateur riders.

Featuring an advanced Graphene + Silica compound specifically designed to provide unparalleled efficiency, Corsa PRO Speed maximizes speed, grip, and control ensuring faster times and smoother rides.

Whether you're a professional racer or amateur racer, the Corsa PRO Speed is made to enhance your riding experience and achieve your best performance in Time Trial and Triathlon use.

Wize Rides is the Authorised Distributor in Singapore for Vittoria Tires

Graphene & Silica Compound

The Graphene + Silica formulation ensures optimal speed, safety and control.This technology is specifically designed for the intended TT use, maximizing speed, yet providing a very high level of grip on wet, as proven during 2023 race season

320 TPI Corespun Casing

Lightweight cotton and durable aramid, spun in a 320 TPI casing that combines the former’s intuitive, supple road feel with the latter’s puncture resistance. Small impacts are smoothed, road noise is muted, rolling resistance is reduced, and more of the tire maintains contact with the road

Corsa PRO Speed Tubeless-readyCorsa PRO Speed Tubeless-ready