SKU 1113442547111TG

RANDONNEUR - Durable City Tyre

  • Fast Rolling
  • Standard Version

Made to last long

  • New version of the proven fast rolling Randonneur tyre, with new 1c compound construction.
  • Multiple sizes in standard version available.

Rigid Construction with 2C Compound at 20TPI Nylon threads!

Tire Bead Size ETRTO Color Weight Art. Cod.
Rigid 26x1.75 47-559 Black 762g 1113442547111TG
Rigid 27.5x2.0 54-584 Black 953g 1113442554111TG
Rigid 700x28c 28-622 Black 502g 1113442428111TG
Rigid 700x32c 32-622 Black 581g 1113442432111TG
Rigid 700x35c 37-622 Black 608g 1113442437111TG
Rigid 700x38c 40-622 Black 665g 1113442540111TG
Rigid 700x40c 42-622 Black 795g 1113442442111TG
Rigid 700x45C 47-622 Black 851g 1113442447111TG