S100 Total Cleaner

SKU 3400

S100 Total Cleaner  - Innovative drying formula: The first motorcycle cleaner with a self-drying effect

Available in 750ml / 2 Litres / 5 Litres
  • Dries FREE of water stains without padding
  • Effortless and residue-free dirt removal, even with insect residues as well as grease and oil stains
  • Highest yield and cleaning effect due to the gel formula
  • Acid-free, material protection on all common motorcycle surfaces

KÜS 09/2021

 "in the test, the S100 Total Reiniger Plus received the highest number of points with 96.25 out of 100 possible points and thus emerged as the clear winner." -KÜS 09/2021



  • Spray bottle
  • Great for Wash use

2 Litres 

  • Plastic Container 
  • Great for Refill use

5 Litres 

  • Plastic Container 
  • Great for Refill use