SKS Rennkompressor Brass Connector

SKU 10065

Solid stand pump with a cult character

The RENNKOMPRESSOR has been the most popular pump in international cycling for more than 50 years and the sole legitimate ancestor of all bike stand pumps. The solid metal tube, cast iron base, precision pressure gauge and black wooden handle are proof of the best “made in Germany” quality. The feet fold up to make it easier to transport.

Available with three different pump head options

The stand pump is supplied in authentic SKS orange and is optionally available with three different valve connections, such as an EVA or MULTI VALVE head or a brass push-on nipple. The pressure booster pumps bicycles tyres up to a pressure of 16 bar/230 psi.

• Powerful and reliable
• Precision pressure gauge at the top
• Solid metal tube
• Cast iron base with folding steel feet
• With three different pump head options
• Made in Germany

10062 EVA Head
10063 Multi Valve
10065 Brass Connector