F100 Bicycle Care Chain Cleaner

SKU 2850

F100 Chain Cleaner is a gel formula for a fast and powerful chain cleaning. It helps in prolonging the life for the chain. It improves the running properties of the chain by breaking down the dirt particles. This F100 Chain Cleaner combines optimal creeping ability when sprayed on with perfect adhesion during exposure.

Wize Rides is the authorised distributor in SIngapore for F100 Products


  • Excellent penetrating properties
  • Outstanding corrosion and wear and tear protection
  • Suitable for all parts such as chain, cassettes, crank, etc
  • Special corrosion protection additives prevent wear and corrosion
  • Most importantly, it is acid-free and it does not damage any surfaces



  • Aerosol bottle
  • Short spray straw (convenient as you can cover without removing)