SKU 11047

Fender set made of robust sandwich construction

A real brilliant performance! The SKS BLUEMELS BASIC mudguard set not only integrates perfectly on the bike, but also reliably protects against dirt and splash water.

Thanks to the flexible sandwich construction, in which extremely fine aluminum strips are embedded in a plastic coating, the fenders are extremely robust, rigid and protected against corrosion.

Stylish driving fun with safety system

With its glossy black surface and the black fastening components, the BLUEMELS BASIC also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of looks. The ESC safety system ensures that the stays are decoupled if branches get caught between the spokes, so that the wheel does not lock. The V-struts with fixed bridges guarantee an individual adjustment, the bottom bracket cut-outs make assembly possible even in tight spaces. Includes accessories and struts.

• Aluminum/plastic sandwich construction
• V-struts with fixed bridges for flexible adjustment
• ESC safety system
• Bottom bracket cutouts
• Made in Germany

Material: plastic
Color: black
wheel size: 20"
Tire width in mm: 30-54mm
Front mudguard length: 500mm
Rear mudguard length: 800mm