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Bicycles is a popular mode of transport in Singapore. On weekends, many would take a ride on their bicycles around park connectors in Singapore. Given that bicycles are available for sale in shops around Singapore, why would you still shop for bicycles online?

Shopping for Bicycles Online

The advantage of shopping online for bicycles would be door-step delivery, ease of feature comparison and going for unique models. Here at, we bring you the unique collection of foldable bicyles from the brand 5Links, from Japan. 5Links foldable bikes are designed and developed in Japan, and the 5Links foldable bikes are stirring up new excitement among the biking community worldwide.

Care (Clean & Polish) Products

We know the importance to care and protect your premium bicycles. Hence, on our online shop, customers can also shop for superior-quality bicycle care products from Germany - chain oil, dry lube & lubricants, chain cleaners & bicycle cleaners. The bicycle care products are made in Germany by the company called Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH which also produces premium care products for cars and motorbikes.

Many of the users of Dr. Wack products are owners of premium bicycles, cars and motorbikes. Regardless of your needs, be it cleaning, polishing, waxing or lubricating, there is a Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie product that will suit your application.

So why wait, start your online shopping with now!

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