5Links Folding Bike with Unibody Main Frame

5Links is a Japanese bicycle manufacturer that created Japan's first foldable bike with unibody main frame. 5Links folding bicycles come with unique folding mechanisms that is safer and cyclists will get a better riding experience due to the lightweight yet firm main frame. 5Links foldable bikes are now available for sale online at WizeRides.com Online Shop and Dealer Outlets in Singapore.

5Links foldable bike Singapore

Normal Foldable Bike vs the 5Links Foldable Bike

Folding bikes have been around for many decades. Most folding bikes (or "foldie" for short) are designed with a collapsible body frame (main frame) and handlebar, such that the front half of the bicycle can be flipped to the rear. Once folded in position, both the front and rear wheels are adjacent to each other. However, the folding mechanisms on the 5Links bike are totally different from those of typical foldable bikes, and the 5Links design is inspired by safety and performance considerations.


5Links - Invented in Japan

As with most inventions, 5Links came about as a result of a need to improve the safety and performance of folding bikes. One day, a Japanese dentist who owns a dental practice in the upmarket district of Ginza-Tokyo, realised the design flaw of the typical folding bicycle. Being a dentist himself, he is naturally observant and also concerned about safety.

Looking at his own folding bike, he discovered that the main body frame is the main structure supporting the entire weight of the cyclist and the bicycle. Therefore, for the sake of safety and durability, he concluded that it is best that the main frame remains intact as a single piece structure and should not be foldable.

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5Links' Unique Folding Design

Following his observations, the dentist-turned-inventor created the 5Links foldable bicycles with a unibody main frame. Instead of folding down the main frame (which is what most typical folding bicycles do), the 5Links foldable bicycle comes with a slidable Handlepost where all the magics of folding happens. Once released from the hinge, the entire Handlepost slides down as a single piece (here again the Handlepost is not foldable for safety reasons) and this immediately brings the front wheel adjacent to the rear wheel in a quick second. Once folded down, the 5Links bike remains upright, standing on both its wheels with a kickstand. Due to its compact footprint when folded, the 5Links bike fits easily into tight spaces, store rooms, or can be left standing in any corner of the room.

The unique 5Links design is patented and the bicycle is well-praised for it ergonomics! Feel free to test ride the 5Links bike in our showroom.

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