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Bicycle Helmets are the only source of head-protection for cyclists in the event of a fall. When buying a bike helmet, always consider factors such as comfort, construction and safety. Professional Bicycle Helmets are designed for long-ride comfort with aerodynamic air wells that provide cooling comfort and facilitate the evaporation of perspirations. But the most important about Professional Bicycle Helmets is that they are designed for maximum head protection in the event of a crash.

It makes sense therefore to invest in high-quality bike helmets from reputable brands such as Selev of Italy. Selev Professional Bicycle Helmets are made in Italy, and Selev has proper research and crash tests done on their helmets so that the safety of cyclists is not compromised. Although the price of a Selev bike helmet is higher than a generic made-in-China one, it is still cheaper than paying for a big medical bill later on.

Discover the best of Professional Adult Cycling Helmets here at - we are the authorised online store for Selev in Singapore!

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