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Foldable Bike with Unibody Main Frame

The inventor of 5Links foldable bike is a Japanese dentist who owns a dental practice in the upmarket district of Ginza-Tokyo. As a dentist, he pays attention to safety. Looking at his own folding bike, he discovered that the bicycle's body frame is the main structure supporting the entire weight of the cyclist and the bicycle. This prompted him to design the 5Links foldable bike with unique slidable Handlepost and unibody main frame.

Easier to Fold, Safer to Ride

All the magics of folding happens at the slidable Handlepost. Once released from the hinge, the Handlepost slides down as a single piece, bringing the front wheel adjacent to the rear wheel, and the result is a compact folded bike, free-standing on its kickstand.

The unique 5Links design is patented and is well-praised for it ergonomics! Feel free to test out the 5Links bike in our showroom.

Normal folding bike vs 5Links folding bikes

Want to know what are the main differences between a typical folding bike compared to 5Links folding bike?

Check out the features comparison at this page:


5links2 bike foldedfolded 5Links2 bike standing in upright position

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